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very quickly becoming a heroes rise blog

cheeb kade by defenestratin


01. Take Flight
02. Shatter Me
03. Take Flight(Orchestral)



i figured out how to gif from videos in photoshop B)

went back to nara’s old hair

i can’t help it she looks so good with it D:

going through my me3 screenshots and oh my fucking god

it’s supposed to be a sAD MOMENT AND NARA IS JUST THERE LIKE

8| u crying while u jackin off or smth

a+ screenshot timing well done

Mass Effect 3 Survey


  • Favorite class: Vanguard (who needs bullets)
  • Pre-service history: Spacer
  • Psychological profile: Survivor
  • Paragon/Renegade/Paragade/Renagon: Renagon
  • Import from 1 and 2: Both
  • Recruited Javik y/n: Yes
  • Saved Grissom Academy students y/n: Yes
  • Cured Genophage y/n: Yes
  • Saved rachni queen y/n: Yes
  • Samara’s fate: Alive
  • Falere’s fate: Alive
  • Forced to kill VS y/n: No
  • Encouraged relationship between Joker and EDI y/n: Yes
  • Encouraged Javik to let go of the past y/n: Yes
  • Encouraged James to join the N7 program y/n: Yes
  • Helped Steve through his husband’s death y/n: Yes
  • Quarians, geth, or peace: Peace
  • Favorite ending: Destroy
  • Favorite romance: Garrus (again for canon)

James Vega the Fanboy


I don’t think enough ME fans realise just how much Vega loves Shepard. He worships Shepard.

  • In Paragon Lost he nearly pees his pants just hearing Shepard’s name.
  • He wears a “Normandy Forever” pin on his uniform.
  • In his rousing speeches he always uses Shepard as inspiration. He even quotes Shepard directly.
  • His team mock him all the time for acting like a schoolboy crushing on Shepard.
  • At one point he heard Liara say that she personally worked with the Commander, and he literally shoved his love-interest out of the way to hear more.
  • When he’s inconsolable because of tragic events, he actually snaps out of it at hearing that Shepard has been brought back to life.
  • In the official comic he’s intent on quitting the Alliance for good. The only thing that changes his mind is Anderson offering him the assignment to guard Shepard.

Thing is, James is almost 10 years Shepard’s junior. He must have been a kid when the Commander was out winning wars. Whether your Shepard is male or female, whether they survived Mindoir, endured Akuze, triumphed at Torfan, or held the line at Elysium, James Vega knows all about their career and holds them up as the ultimate example of a hero. All he wants is to be like Commander Shepard.


Wrex to the rescue.

The first time I saw this scene I thought Shepard was simply getting Kaidan out of the way (4th gif), which I thought was a little odd considering he was the only one of the two wearing armour. Now I realise she’s protecting herself by using him as a human shield.



i like to think edi did some networking for traynor

and also that AIUs speak shibe

well this gives shipping a whole new context

Mass Effect Citadel - Concept Art


Mass Effect 30 Day Challenge
Day Twenty-One: Favorite piece of music?
→ “An End, Once And For All" (Extended Cut) [♪]